In addition to the subsidy offered through the Federal Government’s Solar Credits Scheme (in the form of RECs/STCs), a number of finance packages are available to make going solar an attainable goal for those who are unable or unwilling to pay for the full cost of their system outright.

In conjunction with our expert solar financing partner we are able to offer a perfectly tailored package that will suit your needs and current requirements. Such packages includes; Unsecured Solar Loan, Solar Home Equity Loan and Commercial Finance packages (<$45K – low DOC, >$45K – Full DOC).

WARNING!! Be careful of the so-called “Interest Free” or “No Interest Ever” solar payment plans as these work by the supplier increasing the cost of your solar system quote by between 23% – 45% upfront and then the solar supplier pays this “fee” back to the finance company upfront! So in reality you have actually paid all of the interest charges upfront! Remember the old saying, there is no such thing as a free lunch in banking and finance!


With soaring electricity bills and attractive Government incentives, the surge in popularity of Solar PV systems for households has been incredible.

Now with new battery storage technology in the marketplace, homeowners can even go completely “off the grid” and have total control over their energy consumption and costs. Just as Solar installations are a very technical and skilled area of expertise, so is Solar Finance. Our Finance partners, Solar & Energy Finance, specialise in finance options for PV Solar and energy related products.

They hold accreditations with funders that are specialists in solar energy loans, whereas most major banks and lenders are not comfortable with solar financing and they prefer taking a mortgage over your house.


The soaring cost of electricity is a genuine concern, and real threat, to all Australian business owners, large or small, city or country.

Solar power, battery storage and other energy efficient innovations now give the business owner the unique opportunity, and ability, to take back control of their energy costs and budget more effectively. As well as reducing or eliminating the electricity cost, a solar lease provides other benefits such as GST refund, interest deductions, depreciation etc.

Why use your business cash flow or reserves to buy solar when you can easily apply for a commercial solar loan that not only preserves your working capital but offers tax benefits as well? With our unique no deposit solar finance you can get rid of that electricity bill right now!

The mainstream banks are not generally interested in providing solar finance to business owners and if they do then the bank requires property as security, registered mortgages and debentures, accountant prepared cash flow forecasts, annual reviews etc., all of which are time consuming and expensive to your business. Our finance partners have commercial funders that are specialists in the field of solar and energy funding and we just get on with the job of providing business owners with fast and simple commercial solar finance.

Some features of Solar & Energy Finance’s commercial solar products are:

  • 100% No Deposit commercial finance
  • Loans from $3,000 to $10 million
  • Chattel Mortgage, Rental, or Finance Lease available
  • Loan terms from 1 – 7 years
  • Very fast approvals and service
  • Security is only taken over the solar equipment – not your house or buildings!
  • Low Doc available up to $50k to approved applicants
  • No business cash flow projections needed and no annual reviews!
  • Australia wide funding – no postcode restrictions at all
  • Solar – Air – Refrigeration – Battery – Storage – LED – almost anything!

Our Finance options offer various loans designed to suit any business. The most popular being:

Chattel Mortgage

  • The client’s business owns the solar equipment from day one
  • 100% of the invoice cost can be financed
  • The client may be eligible to claim 100% of the GST in the next BAS
  • Interest component of repayments is tax deductible
  • Client can claim depreciation on the solar equipment
  • Fixed payments for the term make it easy to budget for
  • Solar loan is shown as a liability on the client’s balance sheet
  • Utilises the solar equipment or asset financed as security for the loan

Finance Lease

  • Similar to the Chattel Mortgage features but GST cannot be claimed up front and the funder owns the solar equipment until the final repayment is made

Rental (Operating Lease)

  • The business owner rents the solar equipment for the term of the loan
  • When the rental term expires the client may purchase the equipment off the funder for a final payment
  • Repayments are 100% tax deductible
  • Off balance sheet expense – not shown as a liability on client’s balance sheet
  • Preserves client’s working capital and existing bank funding
  • Utilises the solar equipment or asset financed as security for the loan
  • Fixed payments for the term make it easy to budget for


Solar & Energy Finance is a highly specialised, experienced finance service dedicated solely to providing finance solutions to residential and commercial customers, solar installers and the energy sector.

We provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right across Australia, including PV solar, batteries, storage, LED lighting, power factor correction, air conditioning, electrical, refrigeration, pumps, irrigation, fire systems and much more!

We offer our business partners and their customers prompt, efficient and professional advice backed up by genuine old fashioned personal service.
Solar & Energy Finance is a proudly 100% Australian family business with no affiliations or ownership links to any bank, lender, or solar company or installer.