Hybrid Solar System Using Hy-Tech in Pearcedale

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Project Details

  • Location: Pearcedale, Melbourne VIC
  • Completed: January 2015
  • Installation Type: Hy-Tech Residential Hybrid Solar System
  • System Size:  3kWp solar array
  • 7kWhours usable battery storage
  • Solar Panels: 12x YINGLI 250W polycrystalline panels

Project Goals

The customer came to us as they were building a new house and were interested in Solar. As part of our discussions we educated them on Hybrid solar systems and as a result they elected to go with battery storage. This was to be a bit of tricky design as there was some large loads in the house and to cover them meant a very large battery bank.


We decided then to split the switchboards between essential power (general power & light- ing) ran from the hybrid system and solar and the non-essential power (air cons and electric cook top) running straight from mains grid. This enabled us to keep the battery bank size down whilst still covering a majority of the houses general power and lighting 24/7 by the batteries and solar.

A DC coupled solar system was selected to charge the batteries and supply the essential power house loads.

This HY-TECH Hybrid system has enabled the customer to combine Solar and battery storage, in one neat and tidy fit for purpose solution without having to purchase a large expensive battery bank.

The HY-TECH system switches between batteries and grid power when programmed to do so or required without any interruption to pow- er supply.

The HY-TECH system empowers you with a constant and reliable source of power whilst allowing you to take control of your future usage and cost of electricity. This has been particularly helpful at this site as they have lost power twice from the mains grid since the system was installed.

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