Hybrid Solar System Using Hy-Tech in Park Orchards

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Project Details

  • Location: Park Orchards, Melbourne, VIC
  • Completed: February 2015
  • Installation Type: Hy-Tech Residential Hybrid Solar System
  • System Size:  9kWp solar array
  • 17kWhours usable battery storage
  • Solar Panels: 36x YINGLI 250W polycrystalline panels
  • Solar Inverter: 36x ENPHASE 215 microinverters AC coupled to battery storage system
  • Hybrid Interter: SELECTRONIC SP PRO 5kW  48V Interver / charger
  • Batteries: 24x 2V 800Ah Neutron Power VISION GEL

Project Goals

We were approached with this project by the owner who was going to put in a generator for grid backup. After a short conversation, it was clear to the customer that he could have a Hybrid solar system which would not only backup his property but also reduce his energy consumption from the grid day and night.


An AC coupled Enphase microinverter solar system was selected to charge the batteries and supply the house loads due to intermittent shading on the house roof. The solar then fed back to the HY-TECH cabinet to charge the batteries for night time use.

The AC coupled Enphase system allows for easy upgrade of the solar array to enable extra solar charging should it be needed in the future.

This HY-TECH Hybrid system has enabled the customer to combine two requirements they had; Solar and grid back-up, in one neat and tidy fit for purpose solution. Installing the system has meant that there is no need for the refuelling and starting of a Diesel generator when needed except a fully automated solar and battery storage solution that really needs no customer interaction.

The HY-TECH system switches between batteries and grid power when programmed to do so or required without any interruption to power supply.

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