Grid Connected Solar Systems Melbourne

For the best in solar energy technologies, from Hybrid Solar Systems Melbourne, off-grid and grid connected, think Ecopower. A reputable CEC multi-award winning company with a fantastic history of clients and projects behind us, we seek to provide the best in eco-friendly energy requirements. Our knowledgeable team holds high commitment to our customers, and provide only the best services at competitive prices. Our designers, installers and engineers focus on providing cost effective, easy to maintain, user-friendly and fit for purpose solar and energy storage solutions with minimum hassle.

The solar energy solution benefits with Ecopower group truly are endless. With our grid connected solar systems you can benefit whether you are residential or a commercial business.
Reducing your energy requirement from the grid during the day and diverting any excess energy to controlled loads or back to the grid enables you to save significant costs and swiftly payback the initial capital outlay.
In a commercial application, financing the capital cost with on of the many commercial lenders out there, frees up operating budgets and eliminates financial stress incurred by paying for the system upfront. As this is a business orientated loan, you may be eligible for tax reductions and depreciation on your asset for doing something Environmentally responsible whilst saving you money!!

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