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Ecopower Group is a Melbourne based multi-award winning company that specialises in Solar design & Installation for grid connected, Off-Grid & Hybrid solar power systems. Our skilled team of designers and installers are able to provide our customers with cost effective, easy to maintain, fit for purpose Solar and energy efficiency solutions.

The cost of electricity from utility providers seems to just get higher and higher and it has become a real concern for Melbourne residents. Electricity is an absolute necessity in the modern world and is one we can’t afford to live without. Yet, with rising costs from utility providers, it’s something we can barely afford to live with! Electricity bills consume a large portion of a home or business budget; therefore, it is an area where Melbourne residents are actively looking for ways to achieve cost savings, especially in the long term.…Readmore

There’s no point jumping to join another utility provider to avail of their latest “hot discount rates”. The likelihood is that this will be just a short term fix and that the discounted rates will apply to only a matter of months after which point your electricity rates will significantly increase again. Luckily, there is a way to dramatically reduce your electricity bills permanently over the next 20-30 years. It’s time to consider alternative sources of energy. It’s time for you to save big on your energy bills. It’s time for you to invest in solar panels.

A solar panel system can serve to reduce or even eliminate the cost of your electricity bill. Commercial property owners may also be eligible for tax deductions on loans relating to the purchase of a solar power system. Ecopower Group offer some of the most advanced and effective solar power systems Melbourne has to offer. Our expert team of installers and designers can provide cost-effective, solar systems to suit your requirements. We are a multi award-winning company whose specialty is meeting customer energy needs by integrating innovative solar technology and products.

Ecopower Group serves as a full service solar panel system provider. We offer years of solar system design and project management experience. The network of suppliers that we have built up throughout our years in business allows us access to some of the highest quality components available. This enables us to build reliable, durable solutions to meet your energy needs. We offer a range of hybrid, grid connected and off-grid solar power systems and our expert team are on hand to advise you on the best system for you.

What’s the difference between the various solar power systems you ask? Grid connected solar systems are suitable for grid connected residential or commercial premises. These solar systems enable you to reduce your energy requirement from the utility grid during the day and divert excess energy to controlled loads or back to the grid. This enables you to save significant costs by being able to successfully reduce reliance on utility electricity during the day. If you want to become completely independent from utility providers, an off-grid solar power system is the best solar power system to suit your needs. Such solar panels have no connection with the utility grid, and therefore make all the electricity necessary for the property. If you want your property to be completely independently powered and be in full control of your energy source, an off-grid system may be for you.

A hybrid solar power system offers a blend of the two aforementioned solar power systems as such. These systems combine solar power & battery storage with energy derived from the utility grid or another power source. This means that, even in a blackout, you will still have electricity as you can rely on your hybrid system to provide back-up power, even when the utility grid is out. With the HY-TECH solar hybrid system from EcoPower Group, you will never have to worry about a loss of energy again. The system charges by day and consumes energy at night, serving as a great means of conserving energy and facilitating self-sufficiency.

Undoubtedly, the purchase of a solar power system will help you to save big on utility costs in the long run. However, that is just one of the many core benefits of making the switch; one of the most significant benefits of utilising solar power is that you can help to reduce the use of the earth’s natural resources and the damage to our environment. Did you know that the sun provides the earth with enough energy every 10 seconds to meet the entire world’s electricity needs for a full year?

Fossil fuels utilised to provide the majority of energy sources must be excavated, removed and transported before they can be used. The processes used to extract fossil fuels are damaging to the land, causing erosion and ecological and geologic instability as a result. The amount of fossil fuels still present across the globe is continuously depleting too. Energy from the sun, however, is completely free and forever guaranteed. It can be effectively and efficiently turned into power anywhere a solar panel can be mounted. Utilising solar power is therefore a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

In today’s world, there are so many grants and tax incentives available against the cost of a solar power system that investing in solar energy power has never been more feasible for both residential and commercial property owners. In addition to the government subsidy offered through the Solar Credits Scheme, ECOPOWER GROUP also offers a number of finance packages to ensure that making the switch to solar power is achievable for anyone who is unable to pay for the full cost of their system outright. With the help of our expert financing partner, we can offer a finance package that is tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget restrictions.

So, what are you waiting for? The time to switch to solar power is now. Start saving on utility bills from the minute your solar power system is installed. Earn ROI in reasonable and acceptable but more importantly, reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit for the environment. Talk to the leading providers of solar power Melbourne has to offer – ECOPOWER GROUP. Our expert team of solar power specialists are on hand to answer all of your queries, advise on the right system to meet your needs and aid in the set-up of solar financing. Invest in green energy for a cleaner future.…Hide content

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